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About Us

Founded in 2019 by Bukky Adejobi and Seiko Mbako, Awa'Tori is a Tokyo-based creative agency dedicated to bridging the vibrant creative industries of Africa and Japan. At Awa'Tori, we are redefining the concept of "Made in Africa" by creating unique connections between African creatives and the Japanese market, extending from Japan to the world. The name "Awa'Tori" translates to "Our Story" in Pidgin English, a widely spoken language across anglophone African countries. In Japanese, "Awa" (合わせ) signifies the blending of cultures, and "Tori" (通り) represents the bridging of the African and Japanese creative markets. Our passion lies in merging these worlds through fashion, art, music, film, and cuisine. Bukky and Seiko, both of African descent, believe in the transformative power of this cultural synergy. Our overarching mission is to contribute to the socioeconomic development of both Africa and Japan. Through creative partnerships and collaborations, Awa'Tori strives to develop and facilitate projects that foster sustainable connections between Africa and Japan, aiming to create lasting impacts and opportunities for growth in both regions.

Our Expertise

Market Entry

Brand Development & Promotion

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Event Planning & Management

Vendor Sourcing & Management

Concept Creation & Consultation

Community Engagement

Exhibition, Pop-up, Shows

Creator Sourcing

Collaboration Management

Artists & Brand Management

Artists & Brand Introduction

Sourcing Consultation

Creative Sourcing

Our Team

Bukky Adejobi profile picture

Bukky Adejobi

Nigeria-born Canadian, based in Tokyo. BA Honors from Trent University in Canada, and MBA Degree from Doshisha University, in Japan with a research focus on market entry strategies. Working as an ICF certified coach, HR Professional, and change management consultant. Worked with Tokyo Fashion Week, supporting international designers looking to enter the Japanese market. Co-Founder & CEO of Awa'Tori.

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Seiko Mbako

Cameroonian-Japanese based in Tokyo, currently Digital marketing consultant for Maserati APAC. Previous experience in diplomatic affairs and communication. Founder & CEO of Fearless in Fashion, offering styling and brand consulting to expats. Also, Founder of 846 Tokyo, focused on conversations about racism in Japan. Co-Founder & President of Awa’Tori.

Dennis Ilic profile picture

Dennis Ilic

German living and working in Japan, engineering background with Master in Aerospace Engineering. Founder & CTO of eMotion Fleet Inc., providing one-stop fleet electrification solutions for fleet operators in Japan. COO of Awa'Tori.